Pier 6 Provides Seafood On The Waterfront

Located at the end of the Freedom Trail and using only the freshest of ingredients from the sea, Charlestown’s Pier 6 presents its customers with all that Boston has to offer. With a clear view of the Boston city skyline from the window, Pier 6 provides a refuge for those who want to relax with a drink at the end of the day or for those who just want a satisfying meal.

According to Pier 6’s official website, the space is newly renovated and features decor that revolves around a mostly nautical theme, reflecting the waterfront views that can be seen outside of the restaurant’s floor-to-ceiling glass doors. The restaurant includes three dining levels, including a roof deck and a mahogany bar. The restaurant is also very close to the USS Constitution, which is the oldest commissioned naval ship in the world.

Over the past seven months, Pier 6 has made its way to its current location. Only months ago, it was Tavern on the Water, a small bar where people would stop by for a beer or two. Now, it has been renovated into a restaurant, with a different name and different executive staff, with young businessmen stopping in for lunch and young families enjoying their dinner.

Pier 6 has continually thrown together different events in order to get the word out about its restaurant as well as to create an inviting space for different residents nearby.

“We are a restaurant, but we like to do some fun, casual events as well,” said Sal Boscarino, managing partner of Pier 6.

Celebrating not only its first spring season but also its first St. Patrick’s Day, Pier 6 plans to mark this milestone with Irish specials this weekend and the opening of its patio bar. The special menu features a traditional Corned Beef and Cabbage and other dishes with Irish twists as well as special alcoholic drinks, including the Fighting Irish, Shamrock Showdown, and a specially brewed South Boston Irish Whiskey.

The owners hope that this St. Patrick’s Day event will not be the last of its kind. They will continue to plan more for the community-their next event is planned for Cinco de Mayo. Pier 6 not only continues to build its reputation as a great restaurant but also as a place of relaxation and fun for all.

Throughout the year, Pier 6 highlights some of the strongest cultural staples in the Boston food scene. Pier 6 prides itself on its ability to take a classic dish and add a twist. Whether by adding a lemon chive aioli to their crab cakes or serving their salads with a new inventive vinaigrette, both Boscarino and Greg Reeves, the restaurant’s executive chef, are always looking for ways to spice things up. Reeves hails originally from Green Street Cambridge and B&G Oysters.

The restaurant strives to serve only seasonal ingredients, changing its menu every couple months or so to provide its customers with fresh and new flavors. Since its opening, Pier 6 has already changed its menu multiple times. The lobster roll, served with fries and a red cabbage slaw, and the Maine crab cake, with a side of fennel and apple slaw, have been the two items that have stayed on the menu since the opening of the restaurant. Nevertheless, Pier 6 continues to the deliver the same standard of service and taste every day.

Correction: An earlier version of this article misidentified the executive chef of Pier 6 as Greg Deeves. His name is Greg Reeves.