UGBC, RHA Host Annual BC Boardwalk Carnival In Mod Lot

The Mod Lot was transformed into a carnival-like atmosphere on Sunday afternoon, as the Residence Hall Association (RHA) and UGBC hosted their annual BC Boardwalk. Until last year, the event had been held in O’Neill Plaza.

The event, one of the last ever to be sponsored by UGBC’s current on-campus programming board before a new programming structure is inaugurated next year, included carnival rides, games, and lots of free food.

RHA and UGBC split the costs associated with the event, which included ride rentals, food, and sunglasses as giveaways, said Melanie MacLellan, the programming manager of on-campus events and A&S ’14, in an email.
Planning for the event began early in the semester and UGBC special events coordinators Karryn Christiansen, A&S ’16, and Matthew Mannella, A&S ’15, coordinated with BC Dining, BCPD, and the outside company that provided the rentals.

The Mod Lot was emptied of all cars and an inflatable obstacle course, a mechanical bull ride, and bumper cars filled the space between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. Other attractions included a dunk tank, a bungee run, and a shooting game. Among the three food stations set up, the fried dough was the most popular-the line stretched from the middle of the lot to near the end at one point. Cotton candy, hot dogs, and hamburgers were also available for free.

The event was not ticketed, so there is no way for UGBC to know for sure how many people ended up attending, but MacLellan said she estimates that close to 1,000 students came out to the Boardwalk.

“The fact that the fried dough and burger lines were never less than 30 people long is a good sign that hundreds of students-possibly over one thousand students-attended the event this year,” she said.

If the event is to continue next year, it will be coordinated by a new programming board independent of UGBC.


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