BC Dining Listens, Offers Thoughtful Improvements

With the start of the new academic year, Boston College Dining Services continues its impressive track record of making impactful change in on-campus dining locations. Offering new food options, from Starbucks in the On The Fly market to a hot oatmeal bar in Addie’s, BC Dining is making satisfying changes in response to students. A revamp of the Eagle Nest and Hillside interiors also promises to shorten lines and wait times—a welcome attempt by BC Dining to handle crowds during the busiest hours for these two persistently popular locations.

The changes might seem relatively minor—some new breakfast wraps, acai bowls, a new coat of paint, changes in salad dressing, sliced apples. It is attention to the small details, however, that makes BC Dining one of the most student-friendly organizations on campus. It is helpful to know that when a survey gets filled out about what is liked and disliked about the way food is served, it carries significant weight and real change can be seen. These little changes can allow for significant movement in breaking up the monotony of day to day culinary options.

Last winter, when record-breaking levels of snowfall devastated the city, BC Dining proved itself adept at handling challenges more pressing than simple menu changes. Through everything, BC Dining Services was able to keep going. These moments of big coverage still to this day deserve applause, but it is also the little changes like those on campus so far this academic year that show BC Dining Services does not need a catastrophe to surprise and delight. It is firmly up to the students now to continue providing feedback through social media and physical surveys, because they will not be just shouts into the dark, as BC Dining has time and time again proven.

Featured Image by Graham Beck / Heights Staff

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