The Heights’ New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year's
Happy 2016! We at The Heights are excited to see what it will bring. Will we actually get those printers in Lower? Will they finally finish those stairs between Carney and McGuinn? Will one of the hockey teams get a national championship? Will Fr. Leahy turn into a werewolf? We don’t know, but we’re ready for anything. As part of our preparation for another year of covering Boston College, here’s a list of resolutions from members of the 2016 Editorial Board:

It would be great to come up with an explanation for why I’m studying economics and philosophy that impresses, rather than confuses, potential employers.

Gus Merrell, Collections Manager

This year, I hope to find a greater balance in my life. I want to appreciate all of the opportunities I have at BC, as well as off campus, and take advantage of them. For 2016, I want to continue to work towards creating a life that reflects my authentic self.

Alexandra Allam, News Editor

My New Year’s resolution is to be able to play ‘Bangarang’ on expert on Guitar Hero. And beat Keaton. And Alec. Oh, and finish Anna Karenina.

Grace Mastropasqua, Asst. Layout Editor

In 2016 I hope to actually learn how to use InDesign, to remember to keep all punctuation inside the quotation marks, and to spend less money on Caramel Bolts at the Chocolate Bar.

Sarah Moore, Outreach Coordinator

In 2016, I will try to only snooze my alarm once before waking up in the mornings.

 Savanna Kiefer, Asst. Photo Editor

In 2016, I plan to be nice to Gus. We’ll see how it goes.

 Carolyn Freeman, Editor-in-Chief

My resolution is to wake up one morning in Sweden with 700 euros, a map of the East Indies, two cartons of cigarettes, and a loyal dog named Segerost. Then I’ll know I’ve truly accomplished all of my goals.

 Archer Parquette, Opinions Editor

If I learn how to whistle in 2016, I’d call it a successful year.

 Magdalen Sullivan, Managing Editor

I want to be more productive, get more sleep, and do other responsible things college students always say they’ll do at the beginning of every semester (but only for, like, two weeks until I PR my New Year’s Resolution record from last year).

 Hannah McLaughlin, Asst. Arts Editor

In the new year, I hope to make it on the 2 a.m. Newton bus on production nights, learn the correct pronunciation of Georges’ name, and really become a part of the new Heights board. 

 Taylor St. Germain, Asst. News Editor

In 2016, I will not delete all of the Heights‘ financial records.

 Griffin Elliot, Systems Manager

To not mess up the year when I write the date on my paper.

 Zach Wilner, General Manager

In 2016, I will try to get more sleep so I can edit and write more good for my new section on the paper. I would also like to climb more stuff.

 James Lucey, Features Editor

Walk the pathway to more success with DJ Khaled #blessup ?

 Keaton McAuliffe, Layout Editor

In 2016 I will listen to more country music—and convert all of my friends into “country crooners.”

 Bennet Johnson, Business Manager

My 2016 New Year’s Resolution is to go running more and to finally watch all the Star Wars movies.

 Kelsey McGee, Asst. Graphics Editor

1. Steal a TARDIS

2. Beat Moriarty

3. Get into Hogwarts

4. Join the Avengers

5. Become a Jedi

 Kayla Fernando, Asst. Features Editor

In 2016, I want to make (more) meaningful friendships, stop watching horrible movies, learn to pack light, and eat more sandwiches (preferably from Hillside).

 Amelie Trieu, Assoc. Photo Editor

For my GPA to stage a 2015 Justin Bieber comeback.

 Kaitlin Mackert, Project Coordinator

To figure out what the inside of the non-basketball part of the Plex looks like.

 Tom DeVoto, A1 Editor

Find a new team to root for that won’t make me miserable every second of every day.

 Michael Sullivan, Sports Editor

In a 14-year baseball career, I went through about a dozen tubs of Double Bubble and a couple hundred feet of Bubble Tape, but I never managed to blow a bubble. There’s no reason to think this will be the year, but boy it’d be sweet if it was.

 Alec Greaney, Online Manager

Featured Image by Abby Paulson / Heights Editor

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