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The Res and Resolutions – Climate change sucks just about as much as anything. It might not be No. 1 necessarily, but it’s up there. Sometimes though, the impending doom of our planet and species can be pushed to the back of one’s mind, as the unnaturally-warm January air hits the skin. Donning shorts he figured would be retired for the season, the freshman glided down away from his dorm. Away from his worries, and out of the bubble of campus. He reached the Reservoir and began his run along the gravel loop. Music blasted in his ears, but the escape and the calm could not have been more real. The water showcased the colors of the sky as the sun slowly fell, families walked together with their dogs in the warm evening. In this sanctuary, the overwhelming universe of BC can be forgotten. The swans lining the rocky walls surrounding the water do not fret over Friday-night plans, and the trees that sway in the wind pay no mind to Snapchat stories and superficiality. Reaching the far side of the path, the freshman turned to admire the view of campus from afar. He looked on at the picturesque view of Gasson towering above the tree line and marveled at the irony of how a place in its shadow could help shed so much light on what it represents. Here, campus felt like a distant Narnia, separate from reality, as if it wasn’t just across the street. Sometimes it’s good to step back and realize we’re not alone in this world.

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The Bitter End – Rudely disturbing the peace like someone blasting music in a dorm bathroom at 6 a.m., the end of syllabus week is upon us. The time has come for shenanigans to subside, and for students everywhere to face the music. Well, really, to turn down the music, because the curtains are falling. It is a sad event to lay to rest the freedom and carelessness of this brief era, a shame to shut the gate to the playground. There may be students brave enough to venture to keep the spirit alive, and to continue to live as though the day to follow will come without essays and tests. But even they will eventually find the gust of academia too strong to stay grounded in their haphazard lifestyle. Their bodies will leave the ground, and the twister will carry them away from Cleveland Circle and right back to their dorm lounge, pen in hand. Although there may be ebbs in the wind, believe not that the cyclone will lay dormant forever. It is best to wipe the beer stains off your textbook covers, finally log into your canvas account, and bunker down for the storm.

Where Did The Turkey Squad Go – A squadron of maybe 7-10 turkeys used to roam the grasslands of Upper Campus during first semester. As of late, the turkeys have gone missing. This is a tragedy. If anyone out there knows the whereabouts of these majestic creatures, please let us know.

Featured Image by Zoe Fanning / Heights Staff

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