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Thumbs Up

Good Riddance – Snow is one of those things I can only tolerate for so long. Sure, snow is nice when it’s falling from the sky and transforms the world into a quiet and picturesque landscape. Yes, not having to go to class is always great. Once the skies clear up, however, and the surface of a snowfall melts, the only thing snow is really good for is getting in the way. The massive snow fields and piles scattered around campus that have persisted since the snowstorm make it a treacherous environment. It appears that the onslaught of wintry weather has subsided, at least for now, and solace is finally here. The sun has finally decided to do its job, and the snow has begun to melt away, littering the sidewalks of Chestnut Hill with patches of puddles that force freshmen to wear their Duck Boots seemingly every day. Then again, they do that anyway, so maybe now it actually just makes sense.

A Moonlit Soirée – A wise person once told me: “Music isn’t good unless it makes you feel something.” Toploader’s version of this classic song begins with a speculative and warm melody that sets the stage for the music’s powerful spell. Listeners are transported to a warm summer evening, and suddenly, they’re on a patio lit by lanterns overhead, surrounded by their best friends. It’s a wedding reception. It’s a graduation celebration. Or it’s just a party. Regardless, carefree vibes dominate the outdoor scene as the friends dance together. They’ve come free of inhibitions, without drama, and for the sole reason of having a good time. Toploader arrives out of nowhere, and immediately begins to play everyone’s favorite song. Life moves slower for a little while.

Thumbs Down

Knowing it Won’t Last – The phrase “All good things must come to an end” is perhaps one of the most frustrating indisputable realities of life. In particular, when it applies to good weather. A 60-degree day in February in Massachusetts only breeds false hope. The many freshmen seen wearing salmon shorts around campus are only lying to themselves and their Snapchat friends. This is New England, and it is still winter.

I’m Not Even Close to You – There is a door-holding, pseudo-kindness culture at Boston College that burdens many well-meaning people. From the Chocolate Bar to Lower Campus and everywhere in between, the tendency of students to wait needlessly to hold a door open for someone walking far behind them leads to minute yet tragic incidents everyday. The pressure to pick up your gait because someone you don’t know is 30 yards ahead waiting patiently for you to exit is annoying, especially because once you do he or she will forget you exist. If you’re bent on being my servant, feel free, but I’m not changing my walking speed to accommodate your kindness.

Featured Image by Zoe Fanning / Heights Editor

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