Getting Cold Feet

spring break

After seven-straight weeks of grueling classes and bitterly cold New England weather, I was in desperate need for a holiday. Spring Break had finally arrived and my destination was sunny California.

Days before my departure, my bags were all packed and I was ready to go. With midterms out of the way, I spent my time putting together lists of places to eat, and making plans to catch up with old friends.

Going to class on the Friday before break was simply out of the question. Instead, I grabbed a quick haircut in Fenway, and stopped by CVS to stock up on Advil and buy the latest GQ for the plane.

I got dressed and closed up my suitcase in anticipation for the flight. I cleaned my room, unplugged all my electronics, and closed the windows. I did this all so quickly that I was ready to leave for the airport an hour earlier than I needed to be. So I sat in the darkness of my dorm room, counting down the minutes till I could call an Uber.

Despite being crammed in the middle seat for the six-hour journey, it was the most relaxed I had been in weeks. I ordered an ice-cold glass of ginger ale and tore open a packet of Chex Mix while I sat back and binge-watched episodes of Entourage.

Unsurprisingly, the 10 days of break flew by. I quickly became accustomed to sleeping on a plush hotel bed and taking long, warm baths. For the first time in months I was wearing shorts and walking around in loafers. I began to think, with the weather this good, why would anyone live anywhere else?

Over the break, I reunited with old friends I hadn’t seen in months, picking things up just the way we left them. It felt like no time had passed between us. But I also took advantage of the brief moments where I was on my own, taking longs walk down the beach from Venice to Santa Monica and indulging myself in the hotel’s amenities.  

Soon it was all over. It was back to the reality of college life, without any of the little luxuries you get while on vacation. The temperature in Boston was in the 30s and snow was forecasted for the week ahead. The only thing I could look forward to was the possibility of a snow day.

Returning to campus I became overwhelmed with approaching midterms and assignments on the horizon. I wondered where all the time went. How did Spring Break go by so quickly? I started counting down the days till Easter and then the days till summer.

But while returning to school may have been a struggle, the break did make me realize how lucky I am to go to college in Boston. For most of my life, I dreamed of going to school in California. I was enthralled with the allure of Los Angeles and the idea of being at the epicenter of the entertainment industry.

While navigating the city, I missed the quaint and charming feel of Boston. In a city like Los Angeles that’s so spread out, it’s impossible to get around unless you have a car. In Boston, you are always a quick train ride away from all the action.

While the winters aren’t ideal, Boston ended up being the right place for me. The city is an amalgamation of students from all walks of life. The restaurant scene is ideal for casual dining, and the hospitality of Bostonians is unparalleled.

Featured Image by William Batchelor / Heights Editor