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At Least You Tried – You have to give a man credit for trying. Martin O’Malley is a man who tried, and although he failed, still remains an awesome person. The visiting professor at the Boston College Law School took the time to give a speech about divestment and climate change to BC students, despite his other commitments. He showed that he genuinely cares about promoting a progressive message, and is using his time at BC not just to make money, but to advocate for what’s right as well. In the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination race, although he was never a likely victor, he was true to his message and did not shy away on the debate stage when he was overshadowed by the election’s two frontrunners. Sometimes, it’s fun to root for the underdog. Kudos to you, Martin. Keep being awesome.

Catholicism and Breaks – BC is a Catholic institution largely only by name and the length of its breaks. Although students spend most of their days breaking just about every Catholic value imaginable, around Easter time, BC’s religious identity comes out in full force, and students are given a relatively long period of escape from their classes, campus, and awful BC dining food.

Thumbs Down

Being Hungry at 8:03 p.m. – At around 7:57 p.m. (although the website says 8:00), BC dining closes its doors in Mac. The sliding doors come together prematurely and suddenly, and hungry students hoping to sneak in at the last minute and eat a dinner not consisting of fried foods often have their spirits crushed at the sight of the gray barrier in front of them. The sliding doors by the entrance to the food at Mac have claimed countless freshmen diets over the years. For whatever reason, BC Dining feels that it is entirely necessary to shut down its entire operation for 30 minutes in order to put out trays of mozzarella sticks and chicken tenders. Just got out of your dance practice and feeling famished at 8:09? Sorry ’bout it. Just complete a three-hour and hunger-inducing study session in O’Neill at 8:23? Better look elsewhere. The impenetrable walls that block the entrance to the food at Mac represent yet another barrier to the general happiness of freshman across campus. If BC Dining is going to change anything, it should probably address the fact that some people get hungry at 8:14. And they really also should get recyclable cups. Seriously though what in the world is going on this school wastes so much paper I’m pissed. If you’re not going to let me get food at 8:17, at least don’t force me to destroy this planet every single time I want something to drink. This University has a lot of problems, but many of the ones involving Mac seem like simple enough fixes to me.

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