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Thumbs Up

Intruders in Bapst – On Saturday, two newlyweds entered Bapst Library, photographer and other members of their posse in toe. The studying and working stopped for a brief moment, and all eyes in the room fixed their gaze upon the white dress and tuxedo in the middle of the room. Despite the students in the background, the pair posed for multiple photos, lost in their excitement and love for each other. When the photoshoot was over, the whole room gave the couple a resounding clap. The groom stood up on a chair and thanked everyone, wishing us luck on our exams. As the wedding party walked out, I couldn’t help but feel pensive. Amid the stress of finals, the hustle and bustle of everyday life at Boston College, I often forget that an entire world exists outside campus. These intruders into my study session ended up being just what I needed to set my head back on straight. I wish them all the best.

Something I’ll Miss – The day grows late, and the freshmen on Upper return back to their dorms to begin the nightly grind, or head down to Mac for a late-ish dinner. The few that remain outside as the Massachusetts nighttime chill slowly sets in, however, are in for a spectacle. Behind the far side of the land that the privileged freshmen roam, the sun begins to dip slowly in the sky amid a background of orange and pink. The colors become more fantastic as the sun gets lower, flooding the space above CLXF with a wonderland of sorbets and pastels. A freshman climbs on top of the roof of the O’Connell dance studio, hoping to get a better view. Looking out over the quieted Upper Campus below and the humblingly beautiful sky above him, it’s sunsets like this that he knows he’ll miss next semester.

Thumbs Down

Unintentionally Making Something Old – Every avid music fan does it. Your favorite artist is about to release a new album, and you stay up late just so that you can hear it the second it drops. You refresh Spotify like a madman, and suddenly, it’s there, 45 minutes of brand new music for the world to hear. You put the project on repeat, listening to it for hours on end before falling asleep to its sound. When you wake up, it’s what you’re singing in the shower, between classes, in class, in the library, and then back in your room, right where you started. You rave about the album, trying to get all of your friends to listen, imploring them to take part in your obsession. After a few days, however, the music begins to lose its magic. Your ears crave something new yet again. Your mind wishes you could unhear each song so that you could experience the thrill of listening to every melody for the first time again. Such is the continual plight of an avid music fan. Sure, many albums seem to become better the more that you listen to them, but nothing ever beats the first time you hear an amazing song. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Featured Image by Zoe Fanning / Heights Editor

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