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Thumbs Up

Public Proposals – It’s a little sappy, I know. The couple radiate happiness, so everyone around can feel the immense love and joy that comes from these special moments. This weekend, we watched a man propose to his girlfriend in Boston Common, with their families there, watching, celebrating, wearing t-shirts with the couple’s names on it. Over the summer, I watched a proposal at a bakery, with the question spelled out on cupcakes in the display case. Go to the ice skating rink at the Rockefeller Center during Christmas time, and, within 30 minutes, you’ll see at least one proposal that is then celebrated by all of the skaters around. You can hear the cheering and applause from so far away, with such delight evident in the symphony of voices you here. These public displays of affection, although cliché, are really beautiful moments that simultaneously make you love humanity but also hate the pathetic mess that is your life (unless that’s just me).


Thumbs Down

Meeting Someone For a Second Time That Doesn’t Remember You – Remember that kid you met that one time at a football game, or at lunch with your friend, who they have a class with? He doesn’t remember you. He shakes your hand again, tells you his name, and you just smile through the sorrow and regret. You might’ve even talked for 10 minutes the first time you met, probably about some trivial thing like the surprisingly nice weather, or that football kind of sucks. But it’s fine, you aren’t bitter about it at all. But maybe he’s actually just as awkward as you are and doesn’t know how to talk about it without being weird because you know that if you tried to say something you’d probably sound like a stalker—an interaction can get really awkward really fast when someone asks if you remember them and you don’t. The best solution is to just stay at home always. Then you’ll never meet anyone for the first time that might not remember you the second time.

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