Why Must These Things Happen: TU/TD

It’s a Saturday night at Boston College, and the freshman returns to his dorm, triumphantly still a little bit drunk from the off-campus party he attended for all of 19 minutes. Upon entering his building, however, he is caught in the middle of a smokescreen.

Trying Hard and Being Hungry: TU/TD

At around 7:57 p.m. (although the website says 8:00), BC dining closes its doors in Mac. The sliding doors come together prematurely and suddenly, and hungry students hoping to sneak in at the last minute and eat a dinner not consisting of fried foods often have their spirits crushed at the sight of the gray barrier in front of them.

Boston College men's basketball

Point/Counterpoint: Does BC’s Season Look Better or Worse After March?

Two years in a row, the Eagles have played North Carolina down to the wire. Both seasons, the Tar Heels have ended up in the national final. Are BC’s moral victories within the ACC legitimate, or are they meaningless?