Assessing the French Election

“No candidate is perfect, and in almost every election, the ideal politician holds a combination of different forms of policy. If Macron can bring populist energy combined with effective economic policy, and make France inclusive, yet not beholden to the whims of the E.U., then France, Europe, and the world in general will benefit.” […]

Featured Column

Saving Love for the Weekend

“As BC students, we have a million doors open to us. We’re told to pick one, any one, but it must be prestigious and, most of all, it must be fulfilling. What are we to do with that? Sometimes this opportunity feels more like a burden than a gift, and the weight on my shoulders becomes nearly too much to bear.” […]


Authoritarianism in Vogue

“The rise of illiberalism is nothing new, but its resurgence is a tour de force, and a scary one at that. And as President Donald Trump has just received his 100-day report card, we would be wise to consider his similarities with the aforementioned cohort.” […]