CWBC Offers Much To BC Female Undergrads

By: The Heights Editorial Board

The Council for Women of Boston College (CWBC) held an event on Tuesday night, “Preparing for the Journey: What’s Your Brand,” with the aim of helping female undergraduates shape a plan for career development. Especially in the face of recent concerns about declining female self-confidence in college, and at BC in particular, CWBC events on campus fulfill an important role by providing the opportunity for students to hear personal testimonies from successful BC alumnae and to network with them.

Record Turnout Marks Successful Spring Fair

By: The Heights Editorial Board

Despite recent, unsuccessful attempts at a second semester student-run activities fair, this year’s Spring Involvement Fair in the Rat was filled with both organizations and students last Thursday. In addition, the student organizations division under the new structure of UGBC has expedited the process for student groups to become a registered student organization (RSO), encouraging more students to start their own RSOs.

Lerner’s Grant Reflects Research Achievements

By: The Heights Editorial Board

After 18 years as a professor in the Lynch School of Education and nearly three decades of researching child development, Jacqueline Lerner has been awarded a $1.96 million grant to fund a three-year longitudinal study on moral development in youth. Lerner’s research on youth self-regulation and adolescent virtuous behavior is regarded by many as being at the forefront of its kind, and rightly so, given her extensive list of publications on the subject.

Student Body Will Benefit From Expanded Election

By: The Heights Editorial Board

There was only one team of candidates running for the positions of UGBC president and executive vice president when the registration period closed last Thursday, according to an email that the Elections Committee (EC) sent out to the entire student body on Monday. The EC has confirmed that at least one other team has registered since the application process reopened, which is a good sign, as an uncontested election would not have