April 28 Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up

After Hours – This year was the first time we made our way to the Arts Fest tent late on Friday evening, but we must say that we were quite impressed. After Hours is a set of four 10-minute plays written, directed, and produced by students. It is all very low key, and the plays were quite humorous. Thumbs Up to the After Hours Board for putting on a great show.

Grapefruit – We think this is an oft-underappreciated fruit. It’s true-this is not a fruit that you can eat at any time of the day. Grapefruit only tastes good if your palate is clean-otherwise, it tastes incredibly bitter. That is why we think of it as the perfect breakfast food. It’s also kind of awesome how culinary innovators developed a special spoon with a serrated edge for the sole purpose of eating this fruit, appropriately called a “grapefruit spoon.” As an added bonus, it reminds us of our grandparents’ house, where there was always a bountiful supply of grapefruits when we visited in the summer. We would all come downstairs for breakfast and our grandmother would have half grapefruits set out for each of us-our grandfather included. It was always such a nice start to those lazy summer days.

Pump For The Chipotle Mayo – Boston College Dining Services has finally switched the Chipotle Mayo from a squeeze bottle into a pump mechanism like all of the rest of the condiments. As avid users of the Chipotle Mayo, we really appreciate this, since the miniscule squeeze bottles always seemed to run out.

Thumbs Down

Rain On Admitted Eagle Day – By now, we’re sure you know where this is going….

People Who Speed On Campus – This is not just annoying-it is downright irresponsible. Now, don’t get us wrong, we are not advocating that everyone always follow the speed limit down to the last mile per hour-after all, we have been known push 80 when driving down an empty President George Bush Turnpike, but that is simply not comparable. There are lots of students walking around this campus, and to this day we have not seen anyone walking on the highway portion of the PGBT. It’s even worse when this happens at night. This is a college campus! There are drunk kids walking around everywhere!

Finals Due Before Finals Week – Professors who do this, you think you are doing us a favor, but we want to let you in on a little secret-you’re not. The last week of classes is already swamped with projects, presentations, and papers. The last thing we need is to have finals due on top of that. Now, having one final due then can be a nice benefit, but the problem is that these things tend to stack up. One thing leads to another and then, boom, we have four finals due in the last week of classes. If you don’t see us by next Saturday, you can find our bodies on the fourth floor of O’Neill. Please come and send them home to our families so that they can receive a proper burial. At this point, that is all that we hope for.


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