Alesso Breaks EDM Trends With Emotional Music Video

EDM music is not usually known for its heart. With such huge musical production going into every song, meaningful lyrics and storylines are usually set aside. Alesso—a DJ and producer known predominantly for his remixes—pays attention to story, though, in his music video for original song “Heroes (We Could Be),” featuring vocalist Tove Lo.

The video for this single is incredibly dramatic—it has the intensity of a big-budget action movie packed into a five-minute clip. In an eerie, post-apocalyptic setting, teens and kids in an underground jail facility are realizing the powers they possess: a young girl who can create fire, a teenage boy who can cut through rock with laser beam. Although this romanticized view of a superhero is not exactly what the lyrics are getting at, its metaphorical significance is clear. The symbolic nature of their powers is telling of the human potential in every individual.

As the video progresses, particular attention is paid to one character: a girl wearing large, theatrical angel wings, but clearly suffering in her environment. Alesso, who previously had only been seen in the video walking around rather aimlessly, takes charge at this point. While the other characters are looking for an escape from the prison, Alesso knows that the angel won’t be able to. He takes her by the hand, runs up to the facility’s roof, and they run off the ledge together. In an incredible act of sacrifice, the angel flies off with her enormous wings, and Alesso is seen at the bottom, crashed on top of a car—presumed to be dead.

With this emotional storyline, the music video for “Heroes (We Could Be)” displays a more personal take on EDM. It’s still a dance song—one that will undoubtedly be played at parties—but the video gives it meaning, making “Heroes (We Could Be)” unique in the genre.

Featured Image Courtesy of Def Jam Recordings