How The Heights Is Spending Its Snow Day

Most of Boston College has been shut down Tuesday due to a blizzard predicted to drop a total of 1-3 feet of snow on the Greater Boston area. While many students will choose to stay in bed and watch Netflix all day (which isn’t actually a bad idea), The Heights’ editorial board will be spending its day out of class in the following ways:

Foraging for berries and firewood while desperately trying to stave off the inevitable wolf attacks.

Archer Parquette, Asst. Copy Editor

Sleeping, then photoshopping a snowman into a picture outside because I lack the actual skill to build a snowman, then going back to sleep. 

Francisco Ruela Jr., Asst. Graphics Editor

Using a new headlamp.

Kayla Famolare, Outreach Coordinator

Playing Football Manager, watching Liverpool lose to Chelsea, and then playing more Football Manager.

Alex Fairchild, Online Manager


Playing NHL, getting too lazy to make hot chocolate and just eating the marshmallows, and then going down in a blaze of glory in what some historians are already calling The Snowball Fight of the Century.

Alec Greaney, Assoc. Copy Editor

Obviously using this extremely valuable time off to catch up on schoolwork and praying that my house doesn’t lose power. If that happens, I’ll spend my snow day looking for friends basking in generator-powered warmth on campus.

Julie Orenstein, A1 Editor

 Continuing on my Friends binge and cooking a really elaborate breakfast.”

 Maggie Powers, Managing Editor

In Boston with Metro Editor Bennet Johnson, freezing himself to death, whilst questioning the methodology he uses to make life choices. You know, typical stuff.

Arthur Bailin, Photography Editor

Taking advantage of the break away from the sports and academic world to refine his tap dancing skills in an effort to revive his fruitful musical theatre career. 

Michael Sullivan, Sports Editor

Knocking down all the snowmen that will inevitably be made on upper.

Sarah Moore, Asst. Metro Editor

Emily Sadeghian / Heights Senior Staff

Deploying tow cables in the Hoth system with Rogue Squadron, among other things.

Ryan Dowd, Arts & Review Editor

Wrecking the New England Classic in its own snowball fight. 

Carolyn Freeman, News Editor

Attending the eminent darty in Walsh and then deciding to put my survival skills to the test by trekking to CoRo to visit the unfortunate souls who live there.

Drew Hoo, Asst. Photography Editor

Struggling to understand that snow actually exists, building a blanket fort, and attempting to sled down upper..all to the tune of the Frozen soundtrack. 

Hannah Say, Asst. Online Manager

Going to a nerf gun war with my roommates.

Chris Stadtler, General Manager


 John Wiley, Editor-in-Chief

Frolicking and making snow angels before the Liverpool vs. Chelsea game. 

Jack Stedman, Assoc. Sports Editor

Frolicking with Stedman.

Tom DeVoto, Asst. Sports Editor

Featured Image by Arthur Bailin / Heights Editor

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