Scene And Heard 1 – Wynnm Murphy

Arts Editor Ryan Dowd talks to sophomore singer songwriter Wynnm Murphy about busking, Bon Iver, and the giant poster of her outside of Robsham.

“I’d gotten off the interstate and onto this tiny road. And I was just looking around and I couldn’t really see anything and it was raining like crazy, and then at one point it just stopped. I like pulled over on the side of the road, because I was like stressed, and I turned around and I could see the rain and I could see the openness and the mountains and everything.

I saw the plain and the rain and I was just compelled to write a song. I found a pink highlighter in the door of my car and I wrote this song on like this napkin which is so like cliche, I suppose, but it just like poured out of me.”

–Wynnm Murphy

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