BC Ranked 29th Best Value College In America

Research publication ValueColleges ranked Boston College the 29th best value college in the nation, calculating the rankings based on return on investment data from payscale.com, average debt statistics from the Princeton Review 2013 Best Value Colleges report, and graduation rate statistics from the National Center for Education Statistics. The University beat the University of Notre Dame, which is ranked 35, just after Virginia Tech and Tufts University.

The ranking was limited to schools that grant four-year degrees, are regionally accredited, are in the United States, have a graduation rate of over 50 percent, and have more than 1000 students, which includes small liberal arts schools as well as Ivy League institutions.

First on the list is Princeton University, followed by the California Institute of Technology. Just before BC on the list is Johns Hopkins University, and just after is the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. According to the rankings, BC’s total cost of attendance is $224,600, with a 20-year return on investment of $492,300. The average graduate debt of the University is $20,598, and 92 percent of students graduate in four years.

“Boston College, a private, Jesuit Catholic college in Boston, MA, is a world-class, high-production research institution,” the report read. “It has one of the largest endowments in the US, and uses it to power a research program that puts it at the head of not only Catholic institutions, but liberal arts colleges in general.”

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