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Clichés – When life gives you lemons, am I right? Clichés are really reassuring. They’ll always be there, they’ll always be the same. All’s well that ends well. Change is scary, and there’s nothing that you can do to change a cliché. Every cloud has a silver lining. As an anonymous copy editor once said, “They’re called clichés for a reason: It’s because they’re true. Sorry.” Don’t get your panties in a bunch over it, though.

Reflective Sunglasses – It’s never cloudy when you’re cool, am I right?! Besides the fact that reflective lenses look so cool while you’re wearing them, arguably the best part is that no one can see where you’re looking. How often do you see someone that you kind of know, but not that well, so really you don’t want to say hi to them because “hi” with this particular person will ultimately turn into a 20-minute conversation about how “tired” you are, or how much work this person has to do still, or the freaking weather? Well, with reflective sunglasses they don’t know where your eyes are looking, i.e. they don’t know if you’ve seen them, so you can just scurry on out of their way and go about your day all by yourself just the way you like it. And they just look really cool.


Thumbs Down

Realizing How Much Stuff You Have To Do That You Just Haven’t Done At All Yet – Speaking of work that hasn’t gotten done yet, you haven’t done any of yours, either. You’re only taking five courses, how much did your professors really assign you to do for the last week of class? A lot, if you were actually looking for an answer. I’ve heard people talking about these things called “study days,” during which professors are apparently not supposed to make assignments due. That’s just not true. But, let’s be real, you probably won’t actually start any of it until the night before it’s due.

Deceivingly Wet Grass – No, I didn’t pee my pants, I just sat on a patch of grass that looked dry, but the dirt was still damp from the rain yesterday, so by the time I noticed the moisture accumulating on my shorts, they were basically soaked. Thanks for asking. When the weather is so nice, it’s basically a sin not to spend the day outside. When there isn’t a space on one of those concrete ledges around campus that’s big enough to sit in between two groups of people without being uncomfortably close to at least one of them, you’re doomed to the grass. And considering the care that BC places on landscaping, it’s likely that it’s been watered recently enough to ensure that your butt will be wet when you get up.

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