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Brunch – Sorry I’m #basic.

When Parents Visit – It’s great to see your family—I mean it’s probably only been about a month (at the most) since you’ve last seen them, but it’s still great to spend a weekend with those people that somehow put up with you for the first 18 years of your life. But in case you don’t have a heart or even a conscience, when else do you get a chance to eat so many consecutive meals outside of the dining hall?

Sweater Weather – One of the greatest perks of going to school in New England is the amount of fall that we get. It comes fast and leaves even quicker, but two months of 60 degrees and sunny is better than two weeks. No longer are you forced to endure the hellish heat in your classrooms that lack air conditioners. Not to mention that sweaters are a great way to disguise that food baby you’ve been nurturing with all of those hearty restaurant meals you’ve been eating with your parents to sustain yourself for the next few weeks. Sorry I’m still #basic.

Thumbs Down

Sriracha – That’s all.

Allergy Season – Ah-choo! There’s nothing more satisfying than walking out your front door and noticing the new yellows and oranges and reds on the trees for the first time in the fall. Ah-choo! But why does something that looks so beautiful have to be so awful? All the pollen and the dead leaves and the stuff floating around doesn’t agree with me. It’s hard to appreciate nature’s last hurrah before it’s all dead for months when you’re borderline incapacitated because of it. Ah-choo! Do you have a tissue?

The first time you wear jeans after drying them – This might be the greatest dilemma known to mankind. Do you dry your pants all the way, making for a much more convenient laundry experience? Or do you not put them in the dryer at all and let them air dry, leaving you with wet jeans for three days and a very stiff first wear? Or do you, like a real adult, leave them in the dryer so they’re only a little damp and don’t shrink too much but still have to put them on a drying rack for a little while so that they can dry completely? It’s a difficult decision without a definitively correct route. But, hey, great job for doing laundry! I’m proud of you for having clean pants. But have fun not being able to breathe or bend down or move at all for first time you wear them.  

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